Automotive Embedded Systems

Automotive Industry

Automotive is one of the most enhancing sectors in this digital era with huge technological advancements.

12 billion units
Automotive ECU's market by 2025
Brain of a Vehicle
ECU has become brain of a vehicle with micro-controllers, electronics and programming playing vital role.
Challenging goals
This is giving bigger scope for embedded systems engineers across various platforms.
Below are few among many other areas with continuous improvement and also finding paths for the new initiatives in automotive sector.
  • Improved Performance
  • Safety system
  • Emission regulations
  • Autonomous driving (ADAS)
  • Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Electric Vehicles

We are happy in sharing our real time experince and mentoring the enthuastic engineers who are contributing for a bigger challange!!

Course Outline.
  • Basics Electronics, Binary System, Memory Devices
  • Sensors, Switches, Actuators, Electric Motors.
  • Basics of C, Protocols.
  • Python Scripting, Automation.
  • Engine Features.
  • Engine Simulation Lab.
  • Functional and System Testing Methods.
  • Mentoring on Testplan preparation
  • Real Test Bench with Sensors, Actuators and ECU/MCU
  • Testing Tools - Canalyzer, Canape, CRO, Virtual Dspace
  • Tentative: Post Training Support.

This Course gives an 100% real time expertise, with which you can be on job from Day 1 itself!

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