Micro-Controller System

Unlimited Usages

Its always been encourging to lot of engineers to have a detailed study on the functionalities of a Micro-Controller for an extensive usage.

$7 billion
Micro-Controller market by 2025
Built to control hardware.
They are capable in controlling most of the hardware components.
Challenging goals
This is giving bigger scope for embedded systems engineers across various platforms.
Below are some of the sectors where Micro-Controllers are used.
  • Automotive
  • Avionics
  • Life Sciences
  • Industrial Tools
  • IoT
  • Home Appliances

We are happy in sharing our real time experince and mentoring the enthuastic engineers who are contributing for a bigger challange!!

Course Outline.
  • Basics Electronics, Binary System, Memory Devices
  • Sensors, Switches, Actuators, Electric Motors.
  • Machine, Assembly, HL Languages and Compilers.
  • Embedded C, RS232, RTOS.
  • ARM Cortex/Atmel (8/16bit) Micro-Controller and Programing.
  • Development Tools -Compiler, Simulator, Debugger
  • Real Time Application Development

This Course gives an 100% real time expertise, with which you can be on job from Day 1 itself!

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