Telematics Embedded Systems

@Automotive Industry

These days Telematics is playing a vital role in monitoring a vechicle by using satellite communication. Telematics is not limited to automotive sector. The digital wolrd finds many other applications!

431 million units
Telematics ECU's market by 2025
Blended Technology
Telematics is a blend of telecommunication and informatics sciences.
Challenging goals
Increasing expectations and demand gives a bigger scope.
Below are few among many other areas with continuous improvement and also finding paths for the new initiatives in telematics sector.
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Onboard Diagnostics
  • Autonomous driving (ADAS)
  • Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Insurance support

We are happy in sharing our real time experince and mentoring the enthuastic engineers who are contributing for a bigger challange!!

Course Outline.

    Part 1.
  • Basics Electronics, Binary System, Memory Devices.
  • Machine, Assembly, HL Languages and Compilers.
  • C++, Linux, Arm Cortex
  • Mini Project

  • Part 2.

  • Wave Theory, Satellite Communication, GPS.
  • Protocols - CAN, RS232, SSH, FTP
  • Server-Client Programming, UDP
  • Test Bench with GPS and TCU/ECU
  • Tools -Analyzer, Compiler, Debugger, GIT, CRO.
  • Mini Project

  • Part 3.

  • Firmware Development and Testing Methods.
  • Mentoring on SRS to Testplan preparation
  • Real Time Project - Application Development
  • OnDemand: Trimble Module, Time Synchronizing Unit
  • Tentative: Post Training Support.

This Course gives an 100% real time expertise, with which you can be on job from Day 1 itself!

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